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Welcome to Art!


I’m Ms. Johnson, the Art teacher at Bell Avenue Elementary School. Our Arts Enrichment program provides Arts instruction to Kindergarten through sixth grade students. Arts Enrichment lessons will cover the Elements and Principles of Art and Design, explore famous Artists, Art History and multi-cultural Arts while integrating grade level curriculum and Common Core standards. Student creativity and problem solving are highly encouraged in Art. 

Here are the standards that we work on weekly in the Art room:
  • Artistic Perception - Processing, analyzing, and responding to sensory information through the language and skills unique to the visual arts
  • Creative Expression - Creating, performing, and participating in the visual arts
  • Historical & Cultural Context - Understanding the historical contributions and cultural dimensions of the visual arts
  • Aesthetic Valuing - Responding to, analyzing, and making judgments about works in the visual arts
  • Connections, relationships, & Applications - Connecting and applying what Is learned in the visual arts to other art forms and subject areas and to careers
We are also working on learning our elements of art: line, shape, color, texture, space, form and value. We practice using these skills in each and every art project, whether it be a very organized and structured art lesson, or a free and creative art period.

We practice speaking and listening as we make judgments about artworks and provide evidence to support our claims when looking at and interpreting art.

Students are supported in all areas of thinking, and are encouraged to use higher order levels of thinking each time they enter the art room.
Creativity takes courage. ”
-Henri Matisse




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