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Update Regarding Pay Negotiations With Teachers

The Robla School District wants to alert our families that you may see teachers holding signs in front of your school in the coming days. We want to assure families that this is not a teacher strike and schools will continue to operate on their normal schedules.  Superintendent Ruben Reyes sent the following message to families yesterday evening, outlining the current efforts our district is taking to come to agreement with our teachers regarding pay:

Dear Robla Community;

If you have lived or worked in the Robla community for any amount of time, you know that those who work in the Robla School District often refer to ourselves as the Robla Family. This is true because of the strong relationships we have with each other and with the families in the community we serve.

As is the case with all families, sometimes there are disagreements. We have always been able to work these out because in the end everyone finds a way to agree on what is best for our students.

Currently, the district is at an impasse with the Robla Teachers Association. This means that we are working on coming to agreements about certain things that are in the teachers’ contract. We have not come to agreement on our own, so both sides have agreed to bring in a state mediator to help us work out our differences. We have already scheduled our meeting with the mediator and it will take place late in the month of April.

One area of disagreement is the salary that teachers receive. The district has offered the teachers a 16%

increase in pay over the next three years. We feel that this is a fair and equitable offer. All other employee

groups in the district have accepted this pay raise - this includes all classified employees and administrators.

The teachers have not accepted this offer which is why we are at an impasse.

Please be confident that we are still working to come to an agreement and that we have not reached a point where we are out of options. The district remains willing to work together with the teacher’s association to find a resolution.

If you see teachers holding signs in front of your school, please understand that it is the teachers right to

make their opinions heard. As a district, we feel that everyone has the right to use their voice.


Ruben Reyes

Superintendent, Robla School District